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Welcome Back Barlow and Brandon!!

We all heard the stories of two key college players being suspended before the NCAA Tournament. Those two players are Purdue’s Kelsey Barlow and BYU’s Brandon Davies.                                                               Kelsey Barlow

Kelsey Barlow was at the peak of his basketball career, he had great hops, great fans, great coach, and a chance to help his team to a NCAA Championship. What happened? Barlow made a bad decision right before the tournament. This decision probably cost Kelsey and the  Boilers a spot in the Final Four. Is KB upset with his mistake? Of course he is upest, but he can’t let that get him down. He gets a chance to prove himself again this year as a defensive stopper and a simply amazing above the rim player.

      Brandon Davies

Like Kelsey, Brandon was a major key to a Final Four bound team. Until, he also made a mistake by violating BYU’s honor code. All BYU fans were devastated. With the tournament just around the corner they knew like Purdue that they wouldn’t last too long.

Brandon was very lucky to get a second chance this season for such a violation of school rules. On my agenda I think Barlow will have more of a break out season with two stars gone, but Davies could also lead the Cougars because of the absence of Jimmer Fredette.

Tell me what you think about these two players.


One response

  1. Nice to see these guys back, but I agree, Barlow will have the better season.

    September 3, 2011 at 12:17 pm

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