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My Fantasy Football Team

Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday I was talking about my new team, well now they are bigger and better than before. This is the list as of 6:46 p.m, November 16, 2011, of my players as I come upon my playoff weeks.

QB Michael Vick

Vick has been great for me this year, despite the Eagles struggling lately. I drafted Vick seventh overall in the draft as one of my only players to stay with the team the whole season.

RB LeSean McCoy

I traded for McCoy in the second or third week of football and have not been depressed. McCoy has shone up every game no matter who the opponent might be.

RB Chris Johnson

CJ2K struggled earlier this season, but shocked the nation with his performance on Sunday, the day right after I traded my beloved Willis McGahee for him.

RB/WR  Reggie Bush

I drafted Reggie late in the draft, but traded him later for Knowshon Moreno. Shortly after that, Nik, from The News of Sports, dropped him. I totally understand because Bush was horrible, but he has turned out as a great sixth man for me.

WR Calvin Johnson

I traded for Megatron yesterday after weeks of negotiating and am happy to have him on my team.

WR Julio Jones/ A.J. Green

I picked up Julio, dropped by Mike Conner or “Uncle Monkey” from Uncle Monkey’s Blog,  two days before his big game in Indy. He disappointed me this week, but I expect great things from him.

I just traded Andre Johnson for A.J. after being very angry with Andre’s slow recovery. I hope A.J. performs as he has been in the last few weeks.

That is all the time I have, but will give you the rest of my team tomorrow.

God bless,



One response

  1. Wow, you’ve really got yourself quite a team. Good luck in the playoffs.

    November 19, 2011 at 5:34 pm

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