This sport is always on my mind.

Fantasy Basketball

Yes, I am playing fantasy basketball. I have the first and second picks in the two leagues I am managing currently (both done by randomizing, I promise) and am very excited about my season. I have decided after a week of studying to go with LeBron James in both picks. “Why?” you might ask. I like to watch LeBron play. I had Kevin Durant last season and was not let down at all. He lead me to a fantasy championship, but I always looked to see how, one of my favorite players, LBJ was doing. I was shocked, James put up fantastic numbers for being on a team with two other fantasy threats. Also, like I said before, I like to watch him play. My fantasy teams are always built around superstars and young talent. Once I have someone on my team, I watch them throughout their season, and when it comes down to KD or LeBron. I am absoulutely gonna pick LeBron all the time. Tell me what you think of this and who you would pick.


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