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What, Indiana is good?

With the  win against the heavily favored Kentucky Wildcats, Indiana University is back on the basketball map. I had a chance to meet one of their coaches, Coach Buckley, before their matchup against Stetson University (a college in Florida.) Mr. Buckley, or Tim, was the man responsible for recruiting NBA superstar Dwayne Wade. I happened to have Wade’s Miami jersey on because I didn’t have an IU jersey. I was wearing a jacket and you could barely see the top of the word “Heat,” on my jersey, but Tim figured out within thirty seconds that it was his favorite recruit’s name that was on the back. Besides my visiting with Tim I witnessed a game a couple of weeks before their late mathcup. Here is my analysis on why Indiana is a very talented b- ball team.

First, the Hoosiers gained last year’s steal, Cody Zeller. Cody plays the game similar to his brother, Tyler, but is a way more dominating.

Second, two names that are wonderful back up stars to Zeller, are Victor Oladipo and Christian Watford. Watford, a superb image of Kevin Love with less rebounds and more athleticism, was the one to hit the buzzer beater to clinch the win against Terrence Jones and friends. Victor is a SG from Africa with amazing hops and a very decent jump shot.

With more top recruits on the way Indiana won’t have to worry about their Hoosiers any more.


One response

  1. Bobby Charts

    It’s a good thing for college basketball when Indiana is good. Great story, that’s for sharing!

    December 24, 2011 at 5:05 am

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