This sport is always on my mind.

I’m Back

Hi everyone, as you can tell I have sort of taken a break from my blog. Back in March, I just kinda felt like Michael Jordan before his first retirement. We all know and could see that MJ just didn’t have the motivation to play the game anymore. I have to say it was exactly the way I felt about blogging. I enjoyed just relaxing this summer playing basketball and watching summer league with my friends, but I miss posting my ideas and thoughts on this blog. So you can expect much from me especially as I go into the school year and have nothing to do after my homework gets finished. Thanks for being patient, and I hope I can provide some great analysis for the season.


I have seen a lot of great games over this time including the Pacers, Heat playoff series, so I have some great stuff.


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  1. Hey Clark, I feel exactly the same way. I was really feeling like there was no point of my writing and that nobody really cared what I had to say, and I took the entire summer off (although I was away from the computer for half of the summer), but I’m excited to start up again and I hope you are too. Here’s to even greater success for both our blogs! Hey, you interested in Bloggers’ League fantasy football? Sam’s gonna be LM this year. I really hope we get it going after the problems with basketball, baseball, and the other leagues.

    August 13, 2012 at 3:26 pm

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