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Win for Warriors?

San Francisco’s professional basketball team probably made the best addition to any championship team ever, but will it succeed in the end?

It has been only two years since the Warriors lifted the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy in Cleveland, Ohio. The “Dubs” defeated two monsters in one series, their drought of championships since the 70’s and the best player in the world LeBron James. With this win came confidence, and an abundance of it. Following that season, Golden State attained a 73-9 win record with little tweaking of their well balanced roster, breaking a regular season record previously held by Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls. Even with this legendary season, the Warriors failed.

As the game changing baseball manager, Billy Beane once said, no one cares if you don’t win it all in the end. You can win your division, you can go all the way to game 7 of the finals, but if you can’t win it all, no one cares. Anything less than that trophy is a loss. Curry and company lost, they had an undeniably great season, without a follow up championship.

As the Cavaliers celebrated a win after for Ohio, Golden State went to the drawing board. Coming out of a summer making calls, and much negotiating, the Warriors acquire a top 5 talent in Kevin Durant and a handful of skillful role players with experience.

The NBA season starts in less than a month, and the question will still remain to be answered. Is this Warriors team possibly the greatest on paper NBA of all-time?

The additions:

David West- West is coming off a mediocre season with an aging Spurs team averaging seven points a game,  half as much as his average two years ago of 14 a game. For David, this season is his chance at a championship, something he has been chasing since he signed with Indiana in the 2010-2011 season. D-West will prove to be a decent pick and pop big man for the Oakland based team, but will his age play a unfortunate factor in that success?

Zaza Pachulia- Pachulia is one of the most over looked big men in the NBA today, unless you talk to a native of his home country Georgia. Zaza spent last season in Dallas where he averaged nearly a double-double a game as the Mavericks’ starting center. This season he looks to reprise that role with the Warriors. Pachulia not only has the skill to replace former center Andrew Bogut, who he was the successor of Milwauke, but he comes at a minuscule price of 2.9 mil a year. This contract makes him one of the biggest bargains of a free agency where an abundance of money was thrown.

Damian Jones (rookie)- At 21 years old, 7 footer Damian Jones boasts a decent 3 year stint at Vanderbilt, averaging 13 points a game along with 2 blocks and 6 rebounds for his career with Commodores. Jones has an eerily similar game to his alma matter acquaintance Festus Ezeli, who was an important piece of Golden State Warriors championship puzzle. With great defensive abilities, and immense size, Damian will replace Festus as an energy big , just like he did at VU.

Javale McGee- Veteran big man McGee has been passed around the league for many years. In spite of his moments on court that leave him looking absent minded, Javale could flourish in a change of scenery. Much like fellow NBA players Lance Stephenson and Ty Lawson, the right opportunity is needed. Javale McGee signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Warriors this summer. The bid Golden State holds on McGee is low risk with a high reward.

Patrick McCaw- This UNLV guard possesses great speed and finishing ability. Patrick uses his speed to slide past defenders on fast break or uses his quick pull up jumper in half court situations. The 6’6″ product retains the abilities of former Warriors guard Leandro Barbosa, yet with much room to develop.

The losses:

Harrison Barnes

Andrew Bogut

Mareese Speights

Festus Ezeli

Brandon Rush






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