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Upsets, Upsets, Upsets

I had so much fun watching all the upsets this week. I just couldn’t stop laughing last night. It seemed continuous prime time teams were getting knocked off one by one. I have put together a list of all the upsets.

10 Purdue vs. 7 St. Mary’s 72-69

15 Norfolk State vs. 2 Missouri 86-84

9 Saint Louis vs. 8 Memphis 61-54

15 Lehigh vs. 2 Duke 75-70

11 Colorado vs. 6 UNLV 68-64

12 VCU vs. 5 Wichita State 62-59

12 South Florida vs. 5 Temple 58-44

13 Ohio vs. 4 Michigan 65-60



UNC Crushes Duke

Duke has been regarded as one of the best basketball colleges in the last twenty years, but their rivals North Carolina would do anything to make them look bad.

After the massive win by UNC at Duke, the rivalry of these two colleges is something to laugh about. It really doesn’t seem possible for a win to happen in this setting. Here are some of my ideas of why Duke had an upside in this game. First of all, the Blue Devils were in their comfortable position playing at Cameron Indoor Stadium, where they have a very large home court fan base. Second, it was senior night at Duke for a very special player, Miles Plumlee. So, why did Duke lose? They simply weren’t ready to play. The Devils were making bad passes left and right, along with being stressed out because of the large lead by the Tar Heels at the beginning of the game (22-5.) The thing about this win is it probably scares the crap out of NCAA Tournament bound teams.

Even though Duke had the advantages with the home court and senior night, UNC is definitely one of the best shows is basketball. I heard Dick Vitale say tonight that he would rather have the Tar Heels than the Charlotte Bobcats. UNC is certainly Final Four bound, we will just have to see when they get there if they can keep up with other teams that are just as talented.

I have never seen either Coach K or Doc Rivers so mad during a basketball game. K looked like he wanted to kill someone and Doc is like, “man I completely wasted my time.”

What, Indiana is good?

With the  win against the heavily favored Kentucky Wildcats, Indiana University is back on the basketball map. I had a chance to meet one of their coaches, Coach Buckley, before their matchup against Stetson University (a college in Florida.) Mr. Buckley, or Tim, was the man responsible for recruiting NBA superstar Dwayne Wade. I happened to have Wade’s Miami jersey on because I didn’t have an IU jersey. I was wearing a jacket and you could barely see the top of the word “Heat,” on my jersey, but Tim figured out within thirty seconds that it was his favorite recruit’s name that was on the back. Besides my visiting with Tim I witnessed a game a couple of weeks before their late mathcup. Here is my analysis on why Indiana is a very talented b- ball team.

First, the Hoosiers gained last year’s steal, Cody Zeller. Cody plays the game similar to his brother, Tyler, but is a way more dominating.

Second, two names that are wonderful back up stars to Zeller, are Victor Oladipo and Christian Watford. Watford, a superb image of Kevin Love with less rebounds and more athleticism, was the one to hit the buzzer beater to clinch the win against Terrence Jones and friends. Victor is a SG from Africa with amazing hops and a very decent jump shot.

With more top recruits on the way Indiana won’t have to worry about their Hoosiers any more.

The New Purdue

As some of you may already know, I have grown up in a college town. That town is West Lafayette, Indiana, or Purdue University. I have attended countless Purdue basketball games, watching players like, JaJuan Johnson, E’ Twaun Moore, and Carl Landry pass through their years here and head to the NBA, but E’ Twaun and JaJuan have been the saddest. These two players were drafted by the Boston Celtics, as I stated in the article “Purdue Duo.” Leaving Purdue with bits and pieces of a team, but I saw them hammer Northern Illinois last night and it was nothing short of amazing.

Purdue was excellent they hit a total of 17 threes and dunked the ball three times, notice that was a big deal for me as they almost never dunk. Adding to the hype was the rededication of the newly remodeled, Mackey Arena.

Check out this Purdue video:


That is not the only new thing at Purdue, the university has aquired new players like freshmen Jacob Lawson (a close comparison to Josh Smith) and Anthony Johnson (a player most identical with Talyor Battle). Purdue also caught up in the latest fashion with new jerseys, one of which I am wearing at the moment, like the style of Duke, Syracuse, and Michigan State. There is sure a lot of new at Purdue as they look at making even deeper in the Big Dance.

“What Lockout?” Says UNC Superstars


I have to agree with SLAM magazine in that UNC can provide a NBA performance. The Tar Heels now consist of a future NBA starting five, Harrison Barnes at small forward, Kendall Marshall at point guard, Dexter Strickland at shooting guard, John Henson at power foward, and Tyler Zeller at center. After the easy win last night against the Michigan State Spartans, this proclamation is defintiely the truth. Expect another easy win against Duke, later on this season.


Hi, I am sorry for my absence as of the last few weeks, but I will be ready to go for the new NCAA season. I will also give some info on the labor talks going on in the NBA.

Welcome Back Barlow and Brandon!!

We all heard the stories of two key college players being suspended before the NCAA Tournament. Those two players are Purdue’s Kelsey Barlow and BYU’s Brandon Davies.                                                               Kelsey Barlow

Kelsey Barlow was at the peak of his basketball career, he had great hops, great fans, great coach, and a chance to help his team to a NCAA Championship. What happened? Barlow made a bad decision right before the tournament. This decision probably cost Kelsey and the  Boilers a spot in the Final Four. Is KB upset with his mistake? Of course he is upest, but he can’t let that get him down. He gets a chance to prove himself again this year as a defensive stopper and a simply amazing above the rim player.

      Brandon Davies

Like Kelsey, Brandon was a major key to a Final Four bound team. Until, he also made a mistake by violating BYU’s honor code. All BYU fans were devastated. With the tournament just around the corner they knew like Purdue that they wouldn’t last too long.

Brandon was very lucky to get a second chance this season for such a violation of school rules. On my agenda I think Barlow will have more of a break out season with two stars gone, but Davies could also lead the Cougars because of the absence of Jimmer Fredette.

Tell me what you think about these two players.