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USA vs. Australia

With the 2012 Olympics under way both USA men’s and women’s basketball teams continue to flourish as expected, a new task arrives for the women. The task is stopping the twin towers of  Australia, 6′ 8″ Liz Cambage and 6′ 5″ Lauren Jackson. Both ladies are very skilled players, but there size is just untouchable. I watched a bit of their game against China today and I must say I was very impressed. I found my self rooting for the two Aussies as they seemed invincible. All the team has to do is dish it to Lauren or Liz, and they deliver 99.99% of the time. Am I saying that USA will lose? Of course not, I’m just saying that THEY WILL have problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up rooting for Australia on Thursday.                                        


Tamika Catchings

I think its kind of funny that just a few weeks ago I proclaimed Katie Douglas as the leader of the Indaina Fever, but then forward Tamika Catchings turns around and gets MVP award. I hope you have noticed that I am a new WNBA fan because this would have never happened in a NBA case. In the NBA that would be like me saying Carlos Boozer is the best player on the Chicago Bulls, which we all know is not true, that would be totally stupid because D-Rose just won the MVP award. Please, do forgive for the miscalculation. I really enjoy Katie the most because she went to Purdue University and grew up in my state Indiana.

Silver Stars for Playoffs

The SA Siver Stars have been a great team this year and adding to the hype are surging into the playoffs.

With a win against the Washington Mystics last night the Stars will not dissapoint. The two teams to look at this year in the playoffs though are the Indiana Fever led by Purdue product Katey Douglas and the Minnesota Lynx led by UCONN superstar Maya Moore. Both of these basketball teams are destined for greatness, but only time will tell which one is good enough to win a WNBA Championship.

Thunder From Down Under

The WNBA is not the place to look for big and strong basketball players, but new addition, Liz Cambage, plans to change all that.

Liz was selected 2nd overall in the draft by the Tulsa Shock this year, the reason?  She is six foot eight inches tall.  This is not a common for women so we all know she has gotta be a great b-ball player.

Although Cambage has become a major threat against any team, her team, the Tulsa Shock has had the worst WNBA season in history. Liz plans to not let her team have a season with only three wins again, but this might not be possible. The Tulsa originazation is not the smartest in the WNBA, this year they picked up fourty year old Sheryl Swoopes. Sheryl was one of the greatest players about five years ago, but now can hardly run down the court.

Tulsa sure is pretty dumb when it comes to some decisions, but drafting Liz Cambage was one of the best decisions a WNBA team has ever made.

Welcome WNBA

With the NBA lockout still in process, I have decided to expand my site to include the up and coming women’s professional league, the WNBA, on my site. I am not a huge fan of the WNBA, but I greatly enjoy their type of play. Most WNBA players can’t dunk or leap very high so shooting is a major attribute. This shows itself in WNBA players such as Diana Taurasi, Sheryl Swoopes, and Candace Parker.

I also just went to a L.A. Sparks game on Friday night when they played Tulsa Shock. I  was very surprised by the shooting skills of the girls. This game was also perhaps the last of basketball legend, Sheryl Swoopes. It was great to see Swoopes, but siad to see she was on her last leg.

I hope all my fans enjoy my coverage on WNBA basketball.

God bless,