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Tamika Catchings

I think its kind of funny that just a few weeks ago I proclaimed Katie Douglas as the leader of the Indaina Fever, but then forward Tamika Catchings turns around and gets MVP award. I hope you have noticed that I am a new WNBA fan because this would have never happened in a NBA case. In the NBA that would be like me saying Carlos Boozer is the best player on the Chicago Bulls, which we all know is not true, that would be totally stupid because D-Rose just won the MVP award. Please, do forgive for the miscalculation. I really enjoy Katie the most because she went to Purdue University and grew up in my state Indiana.


Bulls Need Back-Up

After the Miami Heat conquered the Bulls in the Eastern-Conference Finals. We learned that Chicago needs a back-up star. This is why the Bulls picked up Boozer, but I went to one of the finals games in Chicago and I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. He was horrible even local Bulls fans didn’t want him in the game. What the Bulls should do is trade Carlos Looser while they still can and go after a free agent in 2012. If not the Bulls are still a good team they just really need another star to go along with Rose.