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Durant to Turkey “Dream Team”

I wrote an article about LA Lakers superstar, Kobe Bryant, heading to Turkey to join already signed player D-Will, but now this team is looking at Oklahoma City star, Kevin Durant.

If you hven’t seen my title, “Dream Team”, this lets you know that this team when completed will be like a dream to Turkish fans. Turkey is not a country known for its’ basketball players, but if this goes through, they will be soon. Don’t expect Durant to sign up right away though because he is also looking at Russia and Spain.                                             ESPN will soon be telivising international league games on tv for sure.


Kobe with D-Will has done alot if talking about LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant heading to Turkey to play with NJ Nets star Deron Williams. If this goes through the other Turkey teams would have to get some better players because a championship would be in the bag for this all-star duo.

D-Willing to Leave

With all of the player, owner drama a lot big name ballers are thinking about flying over the pond, including New Jersey all-star Deron Williams.

Williams leaving is a questionable, but smart move. If he moves Deron will still be played plenty of money and will get to play on a team. Other NBA players who choose to wait it out won’t get the same experience as D-Will will, but those players are smart too because if they get injured over there playing with a bunch of NBA wanna be’s it could end their NBA career.

Both moves have positives and negatives, but I guess we will have to see which one is better.