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Kobe Haters

I absolutely dislike Kobe Bryant, but I still admit he is a great player.                                                                         With five rings and multiple all-star appearances, who wouldn’t say he isn’t great? The answer to that question is, other NBA players. Well that probably isn’t true that they thikn he is horrible, but some absolutely despise Bryant. The NBA players that hate Kobe them most have to be these guys though:





                                                              Richard “Rip” Hamilton

Ever since the 2004 NBA Finals Rip and Kobe have been on each other. That year the Los Angles Lakers were playing the Detroit Pistons, two of the best teams, two of the worst cities. The Lakers were set to win after championships in 2000- 02, but were almost sweeped by the Pistons, led by Rip and his buddy, Chauncey Billups, otherwise known as “Mr. Clutch.” Even lately Rick has fouled out in games played against the Lakers.

                                                      Brandon Jennings

We never really knew that Brandon disliked Kobe this much until posted this photo.

       This picture clearly states young point guard Jenning’s thoughts about LA Lakers superstar, Kobe Bryant. I hope Under Armour is selling these shirts because I want one.


NBA 2K12

After, the NBA 2K11 brought back Michael Jordan to video games we all thought it couldn’t get any better, but this year it just might.

The only problem is, no Reggie Miller. They put in people like Chris Webber, Bill Laimbeer, Chris Mullin, and Charles Oakley, but no Reg. I think Reggie Miller was a major part of the NBA back then and to not have him in the game would be suicide.

Hopefully the 2K orginazation does have the Pacers and Penny, Shaq Orlando Magic in the game, If they have those teams in there, this game will be perfect.

Rodman Rocks!!

Former NBA star, Dennis Rodman, did not dissapoint anybody last night. He appeared at his induction to the Basketball Hall of Fame last night with one crazy outfit, but this was not unusual considering Dennis Rodman is one of the craziest celebrity dressers.

Now, lets look at Rodman’s career. Young Dennis Rodman started out as a rookie from Southeastern Oklahoma State on the Detroit Pistons, “Bad Boys” team, but quickly became a rebounding phenomenon. Dennis was the most fun to watch when he ticked off Utah Jazz superstar, Karl Malone. Dennis Rodman will be known as the funniest player to Bulls and Pistons fans, but to everybody else he is known as the craziest NBA player ever.

Here is Dennis’ induction speech.;_ylt=Atxfv7QPXOFni6HMgCxfAPu8vLYF#nba/Hall_of_Fame/26271289

Making History Tonight

Tonight at 8:00 pm, be sure to watch NBA TV as four basketball legends are inducted into the greatest basketball honor, the Basketball Hall of Fame. The four people going in tonigh are Bulls’ power forward and NBA bad-boy Dennis Rodman, legendary Golden State Warriors’ shooter Chris Mullin, offensive genius and Chicago Bulls coach Tex Winter, and international passing sensation Arvydas Sabonis. Make sure you don’t miss this tonight, the best part is to see what Dennis Rodman is wearing.

Wealthy Colleges

I just got back from Florida University recently and all I can say is WOW!! Their facilities are amazing. They are even bigger than some professional arenas and stadiums. Florida is right up there with Ohio State in wealthiest colleges. Florida is also wealthy in their guards this year. Florida now has point guard Erving Walker,  superstar Kenny Boynton,  fromer Rutgers Mike Rosario, top shooting guard Brad Beal, and very young Scotty Wilbekin. These are alot of good guards a championship roster for sure. Talented PF Patric Young is ready for action, but Florida  just needs the last piece, a shot blocking center to replace (now Pistons player) Vernon Macklin. Even if they don’t really have a talented center right now they will go far in the NCAA Tournament.

Florida guard Scotty Wilbekin with Billy Donovan during 2011 NCAA Tournament.

Smoove on The Move

Atlanta Hawks power forward Josh Smith is on the trading block right now and here are some teams he could definitely fit in with.    Enjoy!!

1.Magic- Josh already played  AAU basketball with Dwight when they were in high school for the Atlanta Celtics plus the paint would be totally covered with he and Dwight teamed up.

2.Pacers-Larry Bird is looking for talent and needs it now Josh would fit in perfectly as a Pacers star to go along with Hibbbert and Granger.

3.Blazers- Josh would fit in perfectly with Blazers the only concern is if Aldridge can play center. If they can make that work they could definitely compete for a championship.

4.Cavaliers-They just need a star. Any one could fit with the Lebron-less Cavs.

5.Rockets-Houston is looking to rebuild and J-Smoove is a great fresh start to go along with Kevin Martin.

6.Pistons-If they can get rid of Charlie, Smith would be the perfect hero for Detroit with Rip as his side-kick.