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Draft Analysis 2012

Even though the draft is already over, and has been for some time, I still see the need to post my thoughts about it, so here it is.

I thought the biggest shocker in the draft were these words, “with the second pick in the draft the Charlotte Bobcats select Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.”  I mean, I really respect MKG, and he has great  defense, as I learned first hand when Kentucky went up against Florida, but he is just not what they need. Many say he is just a defensive guy, which I believe, because he wasn’t the first option scorer at Kentucky either. What Charlotte needs is a scorer and I thought that would have been provided in Bradley Beal, Thomas Robinson, or even Dion Waiters. Michael continues to make bad choices and we have to ask, “what will happen to Charlotte?,  Will the Carolinas lose another NBA basketball team because of the bad choices of their state hero?”

The only other thing I really need to talk about was my Indiana Pacers drafting Miles Plumlee. I have to admit as soon as I heard his name and the word “Pacers.” It really ruined my week, I was like, “How can you pick Miles Plumlee over Marquis Teague (who went to high school in Indianapolis), Draymond Green, and Perry Jones III? I mean, what is Larry Bird thinking?” Well now I know what Larry Legend was up to. I watched Miles in summer league and he is at totally different player from the guy I saw at Duke. He has great post moves he hustles and he doesn’t look like he will get injured easily (cough, Perry Jones III got injured almost right away).

To Larry Bird, thanks for thinking of our well being instead of the obvious choice.


Upsets, Upsets, Upsets

I had so much fun watching all the upsets this week. I just couldn’t stop laughing last night. It seemed continuous prime time teams were getting knocked off one by one. I have put together a list of all the upsets.

10 Purdue vs. 7 St. Mary’s 72-69

15 Norfolk State vs. 2 Missouri 86-84

9 Saint Louis vs. 8 Memphis 61-54

15 Lehigh vs. 2 Duke 75-70

11 Colorado vs. 6 UNLV 68-64

12 VCU vs. 5 Wichita State 62-59

12 South Florida vs. 5 Temple 58-44

13 Ohio vs. 4 Michigan 65-60


UNC Crushes Duke

Duke has been regarded as one of the best basketball colleges in the last twenty years, but their rivals North Carolina would do anything to make them look bad.

After the massive win by UNC at Duke, the rivalry of these two colleges is something to laugh about. It really doesn’t seem possible for a win to happen in this setting. Here are some of my ideas of why Duke had an upside in this game. First of all, the Blue Devils were in their comfortable position playing at Cameron Indoor Stadium, where they have a very large home court fan base. Second, it was senior night at Duke for a very special player, Miles Plumlee. So, why did Duke lose? They simply weren’t ready to play. The Devils were making bad passes left and right, along with being stressed out because of the large lead by the Tar Heels at the beginning of the game (22-5.) The thing about this win is it probably scares the crap out of NCAA Tournament bound teams.

Even though Duke had the advantages with the home court and senior night, UNC is definitely one of the best shows is basketball. I heard Dick Vitale say tonight that he would rather have the Tar Heels than the Charlotte Bobcats. UNC is certainly Final Four bound, we will just have to see when they get there if they can keep up with other teams that are just as talented.

I have never seen either Coach K or Doc Rivers so mad during a basketball game. K looked like he wanted to kill someone and Doc is like, “man I completely wasted my time.”

“What Lockout?” Says UNC Superstars


I have to agree with SLAM magazine in that UNC can provide a NBA performance. The Tar Heels now consist of a future NBA starting five, Harrison Barnes at small forward, Kendall Marshall at point guard, Dexter Strickland at shooting guard, John Henson at power foward, and Tyler Zeller at center. After the easy win last night against the Michigan State Spartans, this proclamation is defintiely the truth. Expect another easy win against Duke, later on this season.

Blue is Beast

In the world of college basketball, your uniform doesn’t matter, but usually the color blue is the best. Almost all of the top basketball colleges wear this supposedly lucky color. Take a look. Here are the top b-ball colleges who use blue: Duke, Florida, Kentucky, UCONN, UCLA, UNC, Pittsburgh, Butler, Kansas, Marquette, BYU, Notre Dame, Illinois, Syracuse, Georgetown. Blue is certainly the color for a college basketball team.

What Happened Wolverines?

University of Michigan basketball is certainly not what it used to be, but was it really ever that great? The Wolverines sure did have some great years with freshman class Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, and Ray Jackson. Yet, that team never lived up to its’ calling, a NCAA Championship. The “Fab Five”, would have probably been one of the best college teams of all-time if they would not have been stopped by the Grant Hill and the Blue Devils.

Now the Wolverines suffer the challenge of recruiting over Duke. Duke now controls all college recruiting. I personally think the smart players are the ones that choose smaller colleges sometimes so that they can be the star. If a player like Kenneth Faried would have attended Duke University. He would likely not have been drafted to the NBA ever.

If Coach K ever leaves Duke, I don’t think they will be the same again.

Amar’e Staying In The States

Amar’e Stoudemire staying here in America is a bit of a shocker and I will tell you why.

Amar’e has been getting calls this summer from many different European teams including the best b-ball team in Israel. This team includes players such as: Jeremy Pargo (brother of Bulls guard Jannero Pargo) and fomer Duke guard Jon Scheyer. Stoudemire beleives he has Jewish heritage so it wouldn’t have been a unexpected move. He also declares his favorite on place on earth to vacation is Israel.

One thing is for sure though Knicks fans are certainly happy he is staying here and not risking his body playing in Israel.