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The Laker Train!!

         So as the Laker Train continues on its track to a championship, another path is being walked by Dwight Howard. Now the heir to the “original” Superman, Dwight must come to grips with all that has happened. He requested a trade to the Brooklyn Nets earlier in the summer, that obviously didn’t happen so now he is in Los Angeles. Does anyone remember Howard refusing to take the road Shaquille O’Neal took years ago? I sure do! He said he would never do it, but look where he is, he is in Hollywood.


Funny this trade to happen this week as I am currently on vacation here in LA. Two hours ago I walked out on my street next to our house to get something from the car. I had been keeping in tune with all the trade rumors this evening, but I was disappointed to find out the Magic preferred the Rockets offer. I kinda just gave up on it then. So anyway I’m out on the street and I hear this guy yelling, “we got Dwight!!!!!” I was so happy along with the rest of Tinkertown, but I was happy for a different reason.


I am happy cause the drama is over, Dwight left Orlando and everyone is happy now. I am also happy to be rooting for Dwight knowing that he will stay with that team. About the Laker Train, the Lakers look like the best in the West as of now. With a HOF point guard, shooting guard, great defensive small forward, All-Star power forward, and HOF center. The Showtime can start again, just think Nash is Magic, Kobe as James Worthy, and Dwight Howard now playing the backup star role that Kareem played. Why do I like this team? They really are an image of Showtime Lakers.

The Lakers look great, all they need to do is figure out how to get Phil Jackson back and dump Mike Brown. Am I dissing Mike Brown? Of course not. I completely respect Brown and his coaching, but if they could get Phil back it would be great!!

This team = one Championship





The House Built By Superman

Amway Center is probably the nicest sports arena/stadium in the world, but would it still be there if the Magic had drafted Emeka Okafor over Dwight Howard in 2004? I am gonna do a little analysis on this topic in this post.

In 2004 the player to pick would have been Emeka Okafor, Emeka had led UCONN to a championship that year and had way more experience than Howard, but the Orlando Magic saw something in the young center that no one else saw. They couldn’t have known he was gonna be the best center since Shaqille O’Neal, or maybe even better. So what would have happened in Orlando if they had drafted the UCONN star ? Orlando would have been one of the most struggling teams in the NBA.  All you have to do is look at how their team is built. Everything is centered around Dwight Howard. The funny thing is Superman doesn’t want to stay where people worship him. He wants to go to a big market. I don’t blame him, but seriously he is the one who saved the Magic. Now if the Magic don’t trade the former, “Man Child,” as he was called in 2004, they will face what the Cavaliers faced, a team without its star. Dwight Howard is everything to the Orlando organization and if he leaves Amway, the house he practically built, its all down hill in the “Big O.”

My Ultimate Team

I owe the credit of this idea to my friend at Hardwood Classics, Bobby Charts. Thanks for the insperation fellow C-Webb fan.

Today, I will start with my top five options for a center.

1.  Dwight Howard

                                                                                                                                                               Of course, my first pick would be Dwight Howard. I really don’t know anyone who doesn’t like “Baby Shaq”, so that pick is pretty obvious for anybody. My only disregard is his fouling. I understand his style of getting angry easily, because I do too, but he can not let people do that to him it cost him big games. Otherwise he is an awesome center for this generation of ballers.

2. DeMarcus Cousins

I know everyone is thinking, what the heck, but if you think about Cousins is really a dominate guy. He is a great blocker and dunker. He reminds me more of the late, great Shaquille O’Neal more than anyone else. Same body and everything, the only difference his attitude. DeMarcus is a fiery baller, as Kings fans would know, and does not like to be told what to do a lot. When he overcomes this, if he does, instant all-star starting center spot for the Western Conference.

3. Nene Hilario

Once again, people probably think that I am crazy, but every time I see Nene I watch in awe. He is a breath taking dunker and has good footwork. If the Nuggets were without Nene they would not be half as good as they are now. Nene is definitely one of the best personalities and centers in the league. He has a very good stats annd now has the chance to go to another team (via free agency).

4. Andrew Bynum

Bynum also joins the list as a guy with a bad attitude. Yet he shows us that he can make-up for that with intensity and strength. We know he is strong because the Lakers couldn’t what do they do with the “Black Swan” (Pau Gasol) at center.

5. Joakim Noah

Last, but not least, Joakim. Joakim Noah sure isn’t as raw as the rest of them, but has great hustle, on-court intensity, and locker room presence. The Bulls fans love him just as much as Derrick Rose and that says a lot about a under- rated young hustler.

Sorry, I did not include Al Horford he jsut seems more like a power forward. He is definitely a good one though.

Tomorrow look for my top five power forwards to build my ultimate team.

Dwight to China

Yet another NBA player is thinking of going over sees, but its a whole different player and a really different country.

Orlando superstar Dwight Howard is thinking about going to China to play ball. The question is what is in China. I think the answer is nothing. If Dwight goes to China he will be like a Chinese Derrick Rose, everyone in China will worship him. There will be no other NBA players thinking China so Superman will have the country all to himself. With his even better season he had this year Dwight will not dissappoint Chinese fans, if he decides to go over there.

Harper Replacing Rashard

It was time to hear the Orlnado Magic’s first pick in the draft. I quickly wished for someone who could back up Dwight. ” The Magic have selected Justin Harper” was the sentence. Although Harper will not be able to back up Howard there is something else he will bring to the Orlando table, his shooting. Harper plays just like former Magic star Rahard Lewis. Maybe the Magic have noticed they need Lewis back so they got the next best thing. They got a guy just like him. Here is my point.

Justin Harper is 6’10” just like Shard and has an amazing shooting ability. Justin is basically a clone of Lewis. The only thing thats really different is that Harper went to college (at Richmond). This may have helped Harper perfect his art and get prepared for the NBA, but Lewis came right out of high school. I was shocked when Harper didn’t go in the first round with his athleticism and other teams looking for small forwards. Harper(if he gets good enough) could soon start for Magic so that they could trade Hedo for someone acctually worth something.

Magic filled another void in drafting DeAndre Liggins. Liggins (a shooting guard out of Kentucky) looks this season to help the Magic with his solid perimeter defense. Perimeter Defense is something the Orlando orginazation has been lacking for a while and greatly need to improve on. Liggins definitely makes up for what Magic guard J.J. Reddick can’t do.

Magic was very smart with their picks by getting people that can acctually help them.

Smoove on The Move

Atlanta Hawks power forward Josh Smith is on the trading block right now and here are some teams he could definitely fit in with.    Enjoy!!

1.Magic- Josh already played  AAU basketball with Dwight when they were in high school for the Atlanta Celtics plus the paint would be totally covered with he and Dwight teamed up.

2.Pacers-Larry Bird is looking for talent and needs it now Josh would fit in perfectly as a Pacers star to go along with Hibbbert and Granger.

3.Blazers- Josh would fit in perfectly with Blazers the only concern is if Aldridge can play center. If they can make that work they could definitely compete for a championship.

4.Cavaliers-They just need a star. Any one could fit with the Lebron-less Cavs.

5.Rockets-Houston is looking to rebuild and J-Smoove is a great fresh start to go along with Kevin Martin.

6.Pistons-If they can get rid of Charlie, Smith would be the perfect hero for Detroit with Rip as his side-kick.

Shaquille O’Neal “Like No Other”

Our beloved Shaquille O’Neal has retired from the NBA and left us with this question, “who will rise to take his place ?” Many signs point to the up and coming future hall of famer Dwight Howard, but Superman doesn’t dominate like Shaq once did. Other people say 7’6″ Yao Ming can fill the void, unfortunately that doesn’t look like a possibility with his recent injuries. The only other would be the Lakers center Andrew Bynum with his raw talent and long arms might be able to replace the legend we have lost. Shaq could dominate like no other and the question in the basketball world is “Who can step and fill the space that the 7’2″ Shaq has left in the NBA and in basketball? ”