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The New Purdue

As some of you may already know, I have grown up in a college town. That town is West Lafayette, Indiana, or Purdue University. I have attended countless Purdue basketball games, watching players like, JaJuan Johnson, E’ Twaun Moore, and Carl Landry pass through their years here and head to the NBA, but E’ Twaun and JaJuan have been the saddest. These two players were drafted by the Boston Celtics, as I stated in the article “Purdue Duo.” Leaving Purdue with bits and pieces of a team, but I saw them hammer Northern Illinois last night and it was nothing short of amazing.

Purdue was excellent they hit a total of 17 threes and dunked the ball three times, notice that was a big deal for me as they almost never dunk. Adding to the hype was the rededication of the newly remodeled, Mackey Arena.

Check out this Purdue video:


That is not the only new thing at Purdue, the university has aquired new players like freshmen Jacob Lawson (a close comparison to Josh Smith) and Anthony Johnson (a player most identical with Talyor Battle). Purdue also caught up in the latest fashion with new jerseys, one of which I am wearing at the moment, like the style of Duke, Syracuse, and Michigan State. There is sure a lot of new at Purdue as they look at making even deeper in the Big Dance.


Purdue Duo

(Now NBA players) Purdue duo Jajuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore

 look to help out the Celtics. With Purdue being a team known for defense the (former) Boilermakers should get a chance to prove themselves worthy of playing for this team.

Of course they wouldn’t be were they are without current Boilermaker

Robbie Hummel and Coach Matt Painter. With the duo gone and one more year with Hummel. Painter is on the hunt for talent,but with sophmore shooting guard Tyrone Johnson proving himself last year as a back up to Moore and athletic power forward

 Jacob Lawson  just arriving on campus. The Boilers don’t look like a team to be doubted agan for another good four years.