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Reggie To Spain

Yet, another player is leaving America. This time it is Golden State forward/guard and free agent, Reggie Williams.

Reggie should have a good career if he stays over seas for a while. I have seen Reg play and he is way underrated. Williams can hit the jump shot, blow by defenders, and play defense. I would probably compare him to Wesley Johnson, but stronger and a better shot.

The only bad thing about this is he is a free agent, which means teams that are looking for a solid bench player. They better settle for Jamaal Crawford.

I hope we acctually still have players stay Stateside.


Free Agents 2011

This year’s free agent group is not very impressive the best player seems to be David West the PF from New Orleans Hornets. Most expect West to go to whatever franchise gives him the most money.  Unless Duncan decides to leave his friends in San Antonio and have a fresh start, this is a pretty average free agency group of players.