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Finally, the NBA has reached an agreement. Late Saturday night the players and owners agreed on a ten year deal that will give us matchups on Christmas, including the following: Lakers vs. Bulls, Mavericks vs. Heat, and many more. Look for more NBA information coming this weekend.



Hi, I am sorry for my absence as of the last few weeks, but I will be ready to go for the new NCAA season. I will also give some info on the labor talks going on in the NBA.

Pro- Am League Teams

We have seen many players playing pro am basketball, but now they are producing powerhouse teams.

Team Indy

Team Indy has a skilled young roster of NBA players and rookies, and former NBA players: Zach Randolph, George Hill, Shelvin Mack, JaJuan Johnson, Dequaen Cook, Eric Gordon, Lance Stephenson, E’Twaun Moore, Paul Geoge, Josh McRoberts, Roy Hibbert, Ron Artest, Bonzi Wells, and so many others. If you want to see if your favorite player is playing, just take a look:

Team Washington

Everbody has heard of this team containing Jeff Green, John Wall, Kevin Durant. This is also a team to be reckoned with.

If, you want to find if there are some other teams out there go ahead and google Pro- Am basketball in any major city.

Welcome WNBA

With the NBA lockout still in process, I have decided to expand my site to include the up and coming women’s professional league, the WNBA, on my site. I am not a huge fan of the WNBA, but I greatly enjoy their type of play. Most WNBA players can’t dunk or leap very high so shooting is a major attribute. This shows itself in WNBA players such as Diana Taurasi, Sheryl Swoopes, and Candace Parker.

I also just went to a L.A. Sparks game on Friday night when they played Tulsa Shock. I  was very surprised by the shooting skills of the girls. This game was also perhaps the last of basketball legend, Sheryl Swoopes. It was great to see Swoopes, but siad to see she was on her last leg.

I hope all my fans enjoy my coverage on WNBA basketball.

God bless,


Chandler To China

Finally, someone is really going to China. Recently, part of the New York Knicks trade for Carmelo Anthony, Wilson Chandler was a free agent this year.  Since, there is no sign of a season starting soon our friend Wilson has decided to head to China to play for former NBA caoch, Jim Cleamons.                                                                                                                                                                           Chandler should have a delightful year in China, giving the Chinese fans something they haven’t seen in a while, a solid all-around basketball player.



Reggie To Spain

Yet, another player is leaving America. This time it is Golden State forward/guard and free agent, Reggie Williams.

Reggie should have a good career if he stays over seas for a while. I have seen Reg play and he is way underrated. Williams can hit the jump shot, blow by defenders, and play defense. I would probably compare him to Wesley Johnson, but stronger and a better shot.

The only bad thing about this is he is a free agent, which means teams that are looking for a solid bench player. They better settle for Jamaal Crawford.

I hope we acctually still have players stay Stateside.

NBA Players Back at UCLA has written a great story about some fromer Bruins heading back to school because of the lockout. I was gonna do a story on it, but this one is much better organized.;_ylt=AgtOy0lX70d37K6yeHcLVZa8vLYF?slug=mc-spears_nba_players_ucla_080911