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Beast of The East ?

I regularly attend Indiana Pacers games, and have learned one thing. Miami, New York, and even Atlanta are very good. I really think whoever wins the East wins the ship. The Eastern teams are stacked. I mean the Knicks three years ago would have been crazy good. They have Marcus Camby, Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudamire, Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler, Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, Rasheed Wallace, Kenyon Martin, Kurt Thomas, and Steve Novak. That is a good lineup, but as I witnessed the other night in Indy they can suck really bad. They were terrible, I couldn’t believe Amar’e, a player I had loved since I was 10 years old was terrible. He looked like a scrub, the Knicks made the Pacers look like an all-star team.

So really who is the best in the East? I believe Miami is for now, but Miami could get beat by my Bulls or my Pacers. Two players who have elevated their status in the NBA are Lance Stephenson (of the Indiana Pacers) and Jimmy Butler (of the Chicago Bulls). I love watching both play, they are probably the most talented on their teams, but act like they have to prove they are good every night.

Players like Jimmy and Lance make the difference in big games. The Heat don’t have guys like this they have three superstars and that’s it. The Heat may be the best right now, but come playoff time they could lose.

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I’m Back

Hi everyone, as you can tell I have sort of taken a break from my blog. Back in March, I just kinda felt like Michael Jordan before his first retirement. We all know and could see that MJ just didn’t have the motivation to play the game anymore. I have to say it was exactly the way I felt about blogging. I enjoyed just relaxing this summer playing basketball and watching summer league with my friends, but I miss posting my ideas and thoughts on this blog. So you can expect much from me especially as I go into the school year and have nothing to do after my homework gets finished. Thanks for being patient, and I hope I can provide some great analysis for the season.


I have seen a lot of great games over this time including the Pacers, Heat playoff series, so I have some great stuff.

Teams in Need of a Star

I know most basketball fans want to think about march madness, but this week is one of my favorite weeks in NBA basketball. This is trade deadline week and I am gonna do some evaluation of team needs.

1. The biggest need for any team, is the need of the Orlando Magic to trade Dwight Howard. Howard will obviously never stay in Orlando and they aren’t a team capable of beating Chicago or Miami in a series. If I were the Otis Smith (Magic’s general manager), I would pursue a trade that includes a solid big man and a talented swingman. The Magic must make a trade this week or they will be left with a team similar to the 2010-2011 Cleveland Cavaliers, after “The Decision.”

2. The Denver Nuggets and Indiana Pacers, two of the deepest teams in the NBA have the exact same need. They each need a so called, “superstar.” They both have different reasons for this need though, the Mile High City team needs a star to take that last shot, but the Bird’s team needs a star to get some fans in those many empty seats in Bankers Life Fieldhouse. There are a few available stars that could change both of these teams those stars are Monta Ellis and Josh Smith.

3. There is one team in the NBA that needs a totally new roster, the Charlotte Bobcats. The Cats should be open to any trade, the question is Michael Jordan smart enough to know a good trade from a bad trade. The funny thing is, you can make a playoff team with the players MJ has traded away: Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson, and Tyson Chandler.

All these teams have their problems going into the deadline week, it will be exciting to see who gets their problems solved.

Oh, and forgot to remind those C’s fans out there not to worry about Rondo. Yeah, there are a lot of rumors, but I don’t think Danny Ainge is stupid enough to trade him.

Fantasy Basketball

Yes, I am playing fantasy basketball. I have the first and second picks in the two leagues I am managing currently (both done by randomizing, I promise) and am very excited about my season. I have decided after a week of studying to go with LeBron James in both picks. “Why?” you might ask. I like to watch LeBron play. I had Kevin Durant last season and was not let down at all. He lead me to a fantasy championship, but I always looked to see how, one of my favorite players, LBJ was doing. I was shocked, James put up fantastic numbers for being on a team with two other fantasy threats. Also, like I said before, I like to watch him play. My fantasy teams are always built around superstars and young talent. Once I have someone on my team, I watch them throughout their season, and when it comes down to KD or LeBron. I am absoulutely gonna pick LeBron all the time. Tell me what you think of this and who you would pick.


Finally, the NBA has reached an agreement. Late Saturday night the players and owners agreed on a ten year deal that will give us matchups on Christmas, including the following: Lakers vs. Bulls, Mavericks vs. Heat, and many more. Look for more NBA information coming this weekend.

Ilguaskas and The Cavs

Last summer, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost probably two of the most beloved Cleveland sports players in history, LeBron James and Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

Everybody remembers the heart break of the city of Cleveland because of LeBron, but no one was upset about Big-Z leaving. Why weren’t they ticked off by Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ move? They were fine by the move because they love Ilguaskas, they must love him because they are retiring his jersey.

 The Cavaliers must not like LeBron as much as they claim they did if they retire Zydrunas’ jersey after he stabs them in the back. Ilgau even went to Miami for the same reason LeBron did, a ring.

LeBron and Dwayne

LeBron and Dwayne are great friends, but the people in Philips Arena took it too far.