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Team Aggresiveness

I have had enough of complaining from the owners about small markets. The problem is those team aren’t aggressive. With the latest trade of Lamar Odom to Dallas, you had to think why another team didn’t pursue a clearly unstable Lamar. That is why they aren’t good they don’t go after stars like others. They just sit and think of who would play in a place like, Indiana or Wisconsin. If I were a GM, I would be much more aggressive. Those are just my thoughts, tell me what you think.


“Kings of The Hill” (Oak Hill)

For what has seemed like generations the top high school players have attented Oak Hill Academy. You don’t believe me? Look at these great players who have attended: Rajon Rondo, Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings, Carmelo Anthony, and Jerry Stackhouse. Oak Hill sure is “at the top of the hill” in high school basketball.

Brandon at Oak Hill

How could there be so many good players coming out of this school? They don’t come from the school directly. Melo grew up in Baltimore, Brandon grew up in L.A., and Josh grew up in Atlanta alongside Dwight Howard. What makes the “Hill” such a great place? Its basketball history. Who wouldn’t wanna go to a school Carmelo Anthony attended? These alumni and the famous coaches make Oak Hill a basketball destination.

Kobe Haters

I absolutely dislike Kobe Bryant, but I still admit he is a great player.                                                                         With five rings and multiple all-star appearances, who wouldn’t say he isn’t great? The answer to that question is, other NBA players. Well that probably isn’t true that they thikn he is horrible, but some absolutely despise Bryant. The NBA players that hate Kobe them most have to be these guys though:





                                                              Richard “Rip” Hamilton

Ever since the 2004 NBA Finals Rip and Kobe have been on each other. That year the Los Angles Lakers were playing the Detroit Pistons, two of the best teams, two of the worst cities. The Lakers were set to win after championships in 2000- 02, but were almost sweeped by the Pistons, led by Rip and his buddy, Chauncey Billups, otherwise known as “Mr. Clutch.” Even lately Rick has fouled out in games played against the Lakers.

                                                      Brandon Jennings

We never really knew that Brandon disliked Kobe this much until posted this photo.

       This picture clearly states young point guard Jenning’s thoughts about LA Lakers superstar, Kobe Bryant. I hope Under Armour is selling these shirts because I want one.

Captain Jack

Captain Jack is on the move again but, this time it is somewhere a little different.       

This time Stephen isn’t going to be a star but, a veteran leader soething every team needs. Jackson should be a great addition to the Bucks as a leader. I guess the Bucks have gave up hope though on their friend Michael Redd and looked for someone with a similar style of play. As Jackson said in his interview with NBA TV. The work is in Milwaukee they just need a veteran leader. Stephen will not dissapoint, look for the Bucks to break out this season. Now the Bucks and Pacers should have some more fun in their rivalry to see who will get the 8th spot.