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Fantasy Basketball

Yes, I am playing fantasy basketball. I have the first and second picks in the two leagues I am managing currently (both done by randomizing, I promise) and am very excited about my season. I have decided after a week of studying to go with LeBron James in both picks. “Why?” you might ask. I like to watch LeBron play. I had Kevin Durant last season and was not let down at all. He lead me to a fantasy championship, but I always looked to see how, one of my favorite players, LBJ was doing. I was shocked, James put up fantastic numbers for being on a team with two other fantasy threats. Also, like I said before, I like to watch him play. My fantasy teams are always built around superstars and young talent. Once I have someone on my team, I watch them throughout their season, and when it comes down to KD or LeBron. I am absoulutely gonna pick LeBron all the time. Tell me what you think of this and who you would pick.


Durant to Turkey “Dream Team”

I wrote an article about LA Lakers superstar, Kobe Bryant, heading to Turkey to join already signed player D-Will, but now this team is looking at Oklahoma City star, Kevin Durant.

If you hven’t seen my title, “Dream Team”, this lets you know that this team when completed will be like a dream to Turkish fans. Turkey is not a country known for its’ basketball players, but if this goes through, they will be soon. Don’t expect Durant to sign up right away though because he is also looking at Russia and Spain.                                             ESPN will soon be telivising international league games on tv for sure.

My Ultimate Team

I am very sorry, that i didn’t have this out earlier I have been working on my new site “The Time Has Come” lately and this site because I don’t get many replies anymore. Thanks for understanding.

5. Josh Smith and Danny Granger

There are many debates that Josh should be considered a SF or a PF. I think he is so neutural though that he can be considered as both. J-Smooth has one of the greatest leaping abilities of any basketaball player ever. He doesn’t usually dunk with strength, but more with style. He is a great defensive presence and a wonderful shot-blocker. This is why Josh is here at number five.

5. Danny Granger

I just like Danny and Josh so much that I put them both here. Danny is much different than Josh though, Danny isn’t a go dunk kind of guy he is a shoot the lights out kind of guy. Granger has a great shot spot on, great base, and great hands. The one thing about the man hardly anyone has ever heard of is that he is not a franchise player. Danny showed this season that he can put up points, but if the Pacers are gonna be competing against the Chicago Bulls again that they need another star. The star that could petentionally play for Pacers would probably be in this year’s or next year’s free agency market.

4. Paul Pierce

Paul is very similar to Danny, except he does wanna really take it to the basket. Paul Pierce is a huge threat because he can take you to the rack or hit you with his off-form jump-shot. Paul Pierce really turned inot the threat though when he was joined by the rest of the “Green Machine” creating one of the best teams to walk the planet, the Boston Celtics. I would highly desire Paul to any team I might create or manage. Paul also is a great leader, has great veteran isntensity, and can win the championship ring. Paul pierce would be an excellent choice for anybody, except if you are Lakers fan, then you may wanna go with Ron Artest.

3. Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has always been one of the best small forwards ever since he started his career at Syracuse, but he greatly elevated his status when he and his Denver buddy, Chauncey Billups, got together with Amar’e Stoudamire and the New York Knicks. Ever since that happened Melo has been getting closer and closer to a ring, but fell to the Celtics in the playoffs. Now Carmelo is back again and ready to bring some surious hurt to the now aging Boston Celtics. If Carmelo can handle the Green Foursome than he will be crowned king of Northeastern basketball.

2. Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City small forward, Kevin Durant has been doubted ever since his first high school all-star apperance, but let me tell you this Kevin didn’t listen to it. Kevin knew, even back then, that he would someday be a NBA superstar and that his autograph would be higher-priced every tome he got closer to the NBA Finals. Well now that is true Kevin is one of the best players in the NBA and is great to start a franchise with wether you managing a real team or a fantsay team. Kevin has a great shot, great athletic abilities, and great attitude, but unlike our next option he doesn’t have alot of shiny dunking abilities.

1. LeBron James

When people hear LeBron’s name they thikn that guys is a loser, but LeBron has accomplished almost anything anybody else would want to accomplish. I know that LeBron James will one day have a championship and that, that will not be his only. I know this because He led a team like the Cleveland Cavalaiers, one of the worst teams in the NBA last season to the NBA Finals, that is amazing. The reason he doesn’t have a ring is because of his team not himself. When you are on a team you win and lose as a team. One player is not reason they lost to Dirk, it was the whole team’s fault. Not everyone on the team stood up to their expected position. LeBron is the best player in the NBA rings or no rings. He is athletic, can get on a hot streak, a terrific leader, and is one of the strongest players in the NBA. This is why he would be the key player to my franchise/team and why he would be my top pick at small forward.

Please, don’t cuss me out for liking LeBron.

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Nate To The NFL ?

With the players and owners not even close to reaching an agreement some of the players are thinking what they can do with their time.

One of these players is Nate Robinson. Nate is currently the back-up point guard for OKC Thunder, but is thinking NFL. Therefore this would be a strong possibility seeing that Robinson was a very successful linebacker at Washington University where he played football. 

Whatever the activity is NBA players are looking for something to get them past the lockout.