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The New Boston Celtics

I see why they call it fantasy basketball, because those teams can get really good. I currently am leading my entire league in almost every category, without the help of the injured A’mare Stoudemire. Lets take a look at my team, The New Boston Celtics.

PG Rajon Rondo

Rondo has been amazing, as of late. He is currently the best fantasy point guard, a steal that I drafted in the third round.

SG Kobe Bryant

Kobe has had a steady start to the season, even though he disappointed me last night with minus six points.

SF LeBron James

King James is unstoppable, can’t say much more.

PF A’mare Stoudemire

Even though he is injured right now, I have expected much from A’mare ever since I traded for him. I am sure he will not disappoint me.

C Emeka Okafor

Emeka started slaying people ever since I got him. I traded for him after he had a few bad games to start the season.

G Stephen Curry

Curry was also traded for when he was injured. It turns out though, that he played the night I got him. Stephen is the beast.

F Marvin Williams

My dad picked up Marv before I had a chance, but later dropped him for Darren Collison. I am so happy to have M-Will, they say he is supposed to have his best season ever. For a guy that was picked before CP3 and D-Will, Marvin will have to average at almost twenty fantasy points a game. He is doing that right now so I think its gonna happen.

UTIL Ray Allen

I traded for Ray Ray along with Okafor and can say that Ray is dead on almost every shot.

UTIL DeAndre Jordan

I was hooked on DeAndre ever since the eight block game. He will be a dominating center in the near future.

UTIL Ricky Rubio

I really didn’t know what to expect from Ricky, but his assists are good enough for me. I was gonna drop him, but after the Miami game, I learned he could also shoot the lights out. He is the closest thing to “Pistol” Pete Maravich, so I want him.


Ben Gordon

Tim Duncan

Paul George


Kurt Cut Off

Firing T-Wolves coach, Kurt Rambis, was a great move by Minnesota seeing that now they have plenty of talent in their new addition Derrick Williams.

It looks like the only thing holding this team down is a good coach. It is a little late to find one now though, but I am sure the Wolves can take their coaching a step higher without Rambis. If you look at the new Minneapolis line-up it looks pretty deadly. I’m still on the fence about Rubio being a franchise guy, but Derrick will definitely one day be an all-star. The last move the Wolves need to make is getting a good center. Darko Milicic was supposed to be the one last season, but he greatly dissapointed. A person the Wolves could look at purchasing though is DeAndre Jordan. With his shot blocking and strong post moves DeAndre would be a perfect match with Kevin Love.

I don’t want people thinking that the Wolves will make the playoffs this season, but it could be a strong possibiltiy if they put the right pieces together.

Rubio for Real

European sensation Ricky Rubio has finally come to the NBA, but does anyone think he will actually put up numbers. He averaged only 6 points a game in Europe. So how is he supposed to be the answer to the Wolves problems ? I expect Rubio to not be even close to as good as some of the other European imports the NBA has caught up with in the last few years. The only good guys that come from Europe anyway are the tall guys such as: Bargnani,Nowitzki,and Ilyasova who has not even proven his right to be in the NBA. Only time will tell if Rubio is for real.