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Knicks and Celtics, Half Time Thoughts

The first half of basketball is over and Rondo is dominating the game. Rajon has 19 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds, already. Carmelo is shooting better than Ray Allen last year against the Lakers and Tyson Chandler looks very happy in a Knicks’ jersey. Don’t forget to watch the half time show, currently on TNT, Shaq is by far the best analyst. Can’t wait to see the Mavericks and Heat.



NBA 2K12

After, the NBA 2K11 brought back Michael Jordan to video games we all thought it couldn’t get any better, but this year it just might.

The only problem is, no Reggie Miller. They put in people like Chris Webber, Bill Laimbeer, Chris Mullin, and Charles Oakley, but no Reg. I think Reggie Miller was a major part of the NBA back then and to not have him in the game would be suicide.

Hopefully the 2K orginazation does have the Pacers and Penny, Shaq Orlando Magic in the game, If they have those teams in there, this game will be perfect.

My Ultimate Team

I owe the credit of this idea to my friend at Hardwood Classics, Bobby Charts. Thanks for the insperation fellow C-Webb fan.

Today, I will start with my top five options for a center.

1.  Dwight Howard

                                                                                                                                                               Of course, my first pick would be Dwight Howard. I really don’t know anyone who doesn’t like “Baby Shaq”, so that pick is pretty obvious for anybody. My only disregard is his fouling. I understand his style of getting angry easily, because I do too, but he can not let people do that to him it cost him big games. Otherwise he is an awesome center for this generation of ballers.

2. DeMarcus Cousins

I know everyone is thinking, what the heck, but if you think about Cousins is really a dominate guy. He is a great blocker and dunker. He reminds me more of the late, great Shaquille O’Neal more than anyone else. Same body and everything, the only difference his attitude. DeMarcus is a fiery baller, as Kings fans would know, and does not like to be told what to do a lot. When he overcomes this, if he does, instant all-star starting center spot for the Western Conference.

3. Nene Hilario

Once again, people probably think that I am crazy, but every time I see Nene I watch in awe. He is a breath taking dunker and has good footwork. If the Nuggets were without Nene they would not be half as good as they are now. Nene is definitely one of the best personalities and centers in the league. He has a very good stats annd now has the chance to go to another team (via free agency).

4. Andrew Bynum

Bynum also joins the list as a guy with a bad attitude. Yet he shows us that he can make-up for that with intensity and strength. We know he is strong because the Lakers couldn’t what do they do with the “Black Swan” (Pau Gasol) at center.

5. Joakim Noah

Last, but not least, Joakim. Joakim Noah sure isn’t as raw as the rest of them, but has great hustle, on-court intensity, and locker room presence. The Bulls fans love him just as much as Derrick Rose and that says a lot about a under- rated young hustler.

Sorry, I did not include Al Horford he jsut seems more like a power forward. He is definitely a good one though.

Tomorrow look for my top five power forwards to build my ultimate team.

Yao Done

On Friday night 7′ 6” Chinese sensation retired from the game of basketball. I think it is coincidence that his all-time rival Shaq also retired in the same year. Like Shaq, Ming will leave a huge gap in the NBA for some other 7 foooter to fill. The worst thing a bout Yao’s retirement is that he was still young. If Yao hadn’t had so many foot problems he would be out there for at least ten more years. This is one of the positives of bigger guys they stilll have size and strength, but when a little guy like Allen Iverson gets older they don’t have the same speed they use to have.

 When Yao got injured again this year we all new that he wouldn’t last much longer, but we didn’t think it would be this soon. Hopefully there will soon be another 7’6” giant that can finish what Yao started.

Shaquille O’Neal “Like No Other”

Our beloved Shaquille O’Neal has retired from the NBA and left us with this question, “who will rise to take his place ?” Many signs point to the up and coming future hall of famer Dwight Howard, but Superman doesn’t dominate like Shaq once did. Other people say 7’6″ Yao Ming can fill the void, unfortunately that doesn’t look like a possibility with his recent injuries. The only other would be the Lakers center Andrew Bynum with his raw talent and long arms might be able to replace the legend we have lost. Shaq could dominate like no other and the question in the basketball world is “Who can step and fill the space that the 7’2″ Shaq has left in the NBA and in basketball? ”