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The House Built By Superman

Amway Center is probably the nicest sports arena/stadium in the world, but would it still be there if the Magic had drafted Emeka Okafor over Dwight Howard in 2004? I am gonna do a little analysis on this topic in this post.

In 2004 the player to pick would have been Emeka Okafor, Emeka had led UCONN to a championship that year and had way more experience than Howard, but the Orlando Magic saw something in the young center that no one else saw. They couldn’t have known he was gonna be the best center since Shaqille O’Neal, or maybe even better. So what would have happened in Orlando if they had drafted the UCONN star ? Orlando would have been one of the most struggling teams in the NBA.  All you have to do is look at how their team is built. Everything is centered around Dwight Howard. The funny thing is Superman doesn’t want to stay where people worship him. He wants to go to a big market. I don’t blame him, but seriously he is the one who saved the Magic. Now if the Magic don’t trade the former, “Man Child,” as he was called in 2004, they will face what the Cavaliers faced, a team without its star. Dwight Howard is everything to the Orlando organization and if he leaves Amway, the house he practically built, its all down hill in the “Big O.”


Silver Stars for Playoffs

The SA Siver Stars have been a great team this year and adding to the hype are surging into the playoffs.

With a win against the Washington Mystics last night the Stars will not dissapoint. The two teams to look at this year in the playoffs though are the Indiana Fever led by Purdue product Katey Douglas and the Minnesota Lynx led by UCONN superstar Maya Moore. Both of these basketball teams are destined for greatness, but only time will tell which one is good enough to win a WNBA Championship.

Blue is Beast

In the world of college basketball, your uniform doesn’t matter, but usually the color blue is the best. Almost all of the top basketball colleges wear this supposedly lucky color. Take a look. Here are the top b-ball colleges who use blue: Duke, Florida, Kentucky, UCONN, UCLA, UNC, Pittsburgh, Butler, Kansas, Marquette, BYU, Notre Dame, Illinois, Syracuse, Georgetown. Blue is certainly the color for a college basketball team.

Michael Making Up For It

Bobcats owner , Michael Jordan, has surely made up for shipping away the”Three Amigos”(Larry Brown,Stephen Jackson,and Gerald Wallace) and losing (thanks to the Knicks) talented point guard Raymond  Felton by adding great young talent to his roster (via draft). Let’s take a look at that talent.

Kemba Walker ( the guard from NCAA Champions UCONN) has certainly proved himself capable of picking up were Raymond left off. Walker is a scoring point guard with the capability to create his own shot and weave through some of the best defensive teams the NCAA has to offer.

Bismack Biyombo a 6’10” congonese m0nster has also been picked up by the Cats. Biyombo (with his shot blocking and rebounds) has been brought in to take the pressure off of current starting center Kwame Brown. If the comparisons to former superstar Ben Wallace and electrifying dunker Serge Ibaka (other wise known as ‘Air Congo’) show through. There is no way that he will disappoint “His Airness”, new teammate Kemba, or Bobcats fans. 

These two players (even though not as talented right now as Wallace or Jackson) are looking to be the perfect pieces to put Charlotte back in a winning situation